About us

As a registered charity, we operate on a not-for-profit basis.


Established over 40 years ago, we are a small and friendly team who welcome children aged 2 to 5 years old. Catering for a maximum of twenty children on any session, our two members of staff ensure our adult to child ratio is high by involving parents as rota helpers. This guarantees that your child gets the support he/she needs during this important phase.

We are proud of our high ratio of adults to children. This ensures individual attention to the needs and development of each child. Our rota system involves all parents in helping in the group on a regular basis, which helps to maintain our high adult/child ratio. It also gives parents, carers and grandparents the opportunity to take an active part in the group, to see what happens and to encourage discussion about it afterwards with their child.

We have a self-contained playroom with access for the disabled, a kitchen, both children’s and disabled toilets and a large secure outside play area.

We are registered with OFSTED, Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership. We offer nursery grant assisted places to 2 – 5 year olds.

Friends of the Brewery Pre-School Committee:

For the pre-school to be operational it needs a full and thriving committee. Our committee is open to all parents, carers, grannies, grandads and any other interested parties.

If you volunteer for us you could benefit by meeting with other parents and having a positive impact on your childs pre-school experience. You’ll be able to update any existing skills and learn new ones, aswell as putting something back into the community.  There are also long term benefits should you choose to undertake further training or decide to return to full time paid work in the future. No experience of helping on a committee is needed just a willingness to learn on the job and get involved!