Development and Learning

At the Brewery Pre-School, we believe that ‘every child is a unique individual who are constantly exploring their environment which in turn achieves learning’ We want to make each child’s early educational experiences positive and meaningful, we do this by knowing that children learn best in a warm, caring, home for home environment where they can experiment, explore, have fun, take risks, learn and grow from their experiences with confidence. This gives them their individual characters which we can build upon and value.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) this allows children to learn through play, discovery, being active, creativity, original thinking and interaction with others both indoors and out.

So how do your children acquire this learning and knowledge you may ask?

The frame work is made up of 7 areas of specific learning and development…

 Communication and Language focuses on communication, understanding, speaking and listening. Our activities are planned games which encourage children and adults to talk and listen together. We share songs, rhymes, books and interactive play through painting, crayons and pencils encouraging your child to take those first steps to writing their name.

 Physical Development links to all other aspects of learning, they learn through being active which helps them to be healthy and happy. We have a great outside space where we encourage physical play and exercise. We promote healthy eating and talk about it at snack times. We assess your child’s skills of coordination, control and movement.

 Personal, Social and Emotional Development provides children with experiences to help them develop a positive sense of themselves, others and their surroundings. This provides a good foundation of emotional wellbeing, helping them to know what they can achieve.

 Literacy, reading and writing starts with encouragement to make a mark, to build on that mark to create a letter, a word, their 1st sentence. The encouragement to sound out that letter, word and eventually the sentence. This is a major step is their development and always a proud moment for all parents. We encourage this development of their hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills not only through pen to paper, but paint brushes, playing with water, reading with staff and being shown/asked to repeat words, reading with others. We want to ignite your child’s interest!

 Maths is all around us, everyday situations provide your children with opportunities to explore mathematical learning. We encourage maths in different ways counting, shapes, money, pairing items, measuring, water play, heavy and light, space awareness, problem solving for example sorting all the triangles from the pennies. We sing number songs and read stories involving maths – learning whilst having fun!

 Understanding the World What is it? It is about how children get to know about other people, the place where they live and the environment. It’s broken down into three aspects. People and Communities – we begin the development of understanding of how people are different from them, yet share some of the same characteristics and ideas. The World – we start to encourage your child take notice of everything around to promote nature, buildings, sounds, smells that surround them. Technology – which children often see and use naturally as they are taught and grow. They start small activating a toy to make a sound.

 Expressive Arts and Design is to support your child’s curiosity, exploration and play. We provide opportunities where they can share ideas through art, music, movement, dance, imaginative play. Sometimes this can be messy, great conversations are started and we often see demonstrations of sharing, kindness and helpfulness at these times.