Forest Schools

Forest sessions takes learning out of the classroom and into the great outdoors!

Your child has a new sense of excitement and adventure, they are free to explore environment around them using all their senses, develop their imagination and creativity, no limitations to letting their minds run wild as they attempt problem solving and exploration of their surroundings. Sometimes being independent, working on developing their own problem-solving skills and creativity.

Other times joining up with other children and work within teams. What better way to enhance your child’s social development learning how to collaborate within a team, and how to share their ideas and to listen to others. The activities are mostly child-led, and adults are there to support and guide the children, but not to direct their learning. This gives the chance for children to really explore.

The weather has no impact upon forest schools, whether it be rain or shine, snow or winds, the children will be outside making the most of the experience. The splash suit essential on these days they find more fun as they are given the chance to get mucky and wet! It also allows children to be physically active throughout the duration of their lesson, enjoying the fresh air and the new experiences the outdoors can offer.