Our new play area…

Welcome to our new play area…

We as staff, parents and committee want to be able to encourage the children who attend our pre-school to take part in outside physical activity. We aim to provide a fun focused, safe environment for all, we want children to be able to interact with peers and adults alike, a place where relationships are forged. Our old play area didn’t give us that environment, so we applied for a Big Lottery Grant which was awarded last year and our new play area was finished in January 2018. We are using this space for physical activity, outdoor learning within the early years foundation stage framework, forest sessions and one to one individual interaction.

We can encourage and build friendships, learning, understanding of other children, adults and the world around us. We are confident our new safe cushioned artificial grass area will be beneficial to all current and new children we are going to attract in the future years to come.

The manager of our pre-school is a football coach and our forest sessions leader so it seemed fitting that this space be made into a grass area for all to enjoy and where other games can be incorporated. The new play area is where our children’s imaginations will be able to run wild.

Here’s some after and before photos…


Once again this year we have been invited to decorate a Christmas tree at Kendal Parish Church, the theme is all about films and movies. After chatting to the children we have decided to go with the wider theme of ‘Disney’. We will be celebrating Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday and also movies suggested by the children, such as Cars, Peter Pan, Toy Story, Finding Nemo etc. If you have any ideas/resources for this theme then please feel free to pass these on. We will keep you updated!


As an Early Years setting we don’t focus too much on Halloween, but we also understand it can be a very exciting topic for your child at home. On Wednesday the 31st of October, we will be having an afternoon of sensory fun and craft activities, so please feel free to bring in a costume. This session is just for the children who are normally booked in for a Wednesday PM session.


Maralynne will be popping in on Wednesday the 31st of October from 9:30-10:30 for individual photographs. If your child’s usual session is a Wednesday then we can organise their photograph, otherwise please do be in touch to book a time slot, siblings are also welcome.