Parent Partnership

We at the Brewery Pre-School value our parents and families of our children. It’s important to us to support you by being available to discuss your child’s progress, concerns, celebrations, join in with their learning, keep us up to date with any important news we need to know. Join us for our regular social events, carol concert, sports day, summer events, celebration days.

Would you like to be apart of our committee? We would like you to share your ideas, knowledge or concerns, if you do not wish to attend the meetings you can share via

Shelley the Pre-school Manager or our Administrator, Mandy on to be presented at one of our meetings on your behalf.

Key Person

When your child begins their journey of learning with us we dedicate a member of staff to them called a ‘KeyPerson’. They are responsible for preparing, updating and reviewing your child’s record folder with photos and samples of their work. This gives families the continual opportunity to discuss their children’s progress, observations, thoughts and feelings with their child’s key person, to view their record folders and to feel involved and a part of their child’s learning.

Settling In…

Some children settle into Pre-School instantly, whilst others need a little longer to settle successfully. If your child is finding being at Pre-School unsettling at first we may need to tailor to their needs e.g. maybe you staying for an hour at each session and then gradually decreasing the time until your child is happy to be left. This may take time in the beginning, but is worth It in the long run!